SENTRY flagpoles provide additional security and increased aesthetics by locating the halyard and cam cleat inside the flagpole shaft. The cam cleat locking mechanism used to raise and lower the flag is accessible only through a keyed access door. Halyard noise is eliminated since only through a keyed access door. Halyard noise is eliminated since only the flag arrangement, counterweight, retianer ring and snaphooks are exposed.

Standard fittings on the SENTRY flagpole include a gold anodized, spun aluminum ball; cast aluminum, Revolving truck assembly with a cast nylon sheave; braided polypropylene halyard; nickel plated snaphooks; beaded retainer rings and neoprene coated counterweight. The cam action cleat is contained in a reinforced, cast aluminum housing secured with 20 stainless steel, allen head screws. Also included is a heavy gauge, spun aluminum flash collar, foundation sleeve assembly and installation instructions.

SENTRY flagpoles are polished to a Deep Luster Finish. Refer to Accessories for optional accessories, finishes and caution information regarding installation and flag sizes.


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