For Indoor and Parade Display Colonial Nyl-Glo:A beautiful heavyweight all-nylon taffeta with brilliant luster. Fringed and finished with flannel-lined pole heading and Velcro tabs.

with pole sleeve and gold fringe, stand & flagpole with ornament extra
size each
Christian 3'x5' 53.00
4'x6' 84.90
Papal 3'x5' 89.00
4'x6' 110.00
Episcopal 3'x5' 82.00
4'x6' 110.00
Israel 3'x5' 56.30
4'x6' 78.70

For Outdoor Display:100% heavy-weight nylon bunting woven from selected yarns. Unusually strong, extremely fast drying and free flying. Colors are brilliant and fast. Finished with canvas heading and brass grommets.
with canvas heading and grommets
size each
Christian 3'x5' 44.00
4'x6' 62.00
5'x8' 82.00
Papal 3'x5' 58.00
4'x6' 78.00
Episcopal 3'x5' 58.00
4'x6' 66.00
Israel 3'x5' 49.00
4'x6' 61.00

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